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Japanese vocabulary N3

WORDS WITH SIMILAR MEANING 診察 (しん・さつ) = medical examination
検診 (けん・しん ) = medical examination, health checkup 申請 (しん・せい ) = application, request (for visa, vacation, divorce) 応募 (おう・ぼ ) = application for something (job, university, scholarship, contest) 宛先 (あて・さき) = destination address 切手 (きっ・て ) = postage stamp 変更 (へん・こう) = change, modification, amendment 変化 (へん・か) = change, transformation 交流 (こう・りゅう) =  (cultural) exchange 交換 (こう・かん) = exchange, interchange 判断 (はん・だん) = judgement, making decision based on something 批判 (ひ・はん) =  criticism

SHAPES 直線(ちょく・せん)= straight line
曲線(きょく・せん)= curve
放物線(ほう・ぶつ・せん)= parabola
平行(へい・こう)= parallel
交わる(まじ・わる)= to intersect
実線(じっ・せん)= solid line
点線(てん・せん)= dotted line
丸(まる)、円(えん)= circle
三角(さん・かく)、三角形(さん・かく・けい)= triangle
四角(しか・く)、四角形(し・かく・けい)= square
長方形(ちょう・ほう・けい)= rectangle
正方形(せい・ほう・けい)= square
台形(だい・けい)= trapezoid
楕円(だ・えん)= oval
二等辺三角形(に・とう・へん・さん・かく・けい)= isosceles triangle
正三角形(せい・さん・かく・けい)= equilateral triangle
多角形(た・かく・けい)= polygon
球(きゅう)= globe
立方体(りっ・ぽう・たい)= cu…
If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit.

What I wish I had done differently in my teens

I wish I hadn't stopped training (gymnastics).
I wish I hadn't stopped learning a foreign language (German).
I wish I had put more sunscreen while on the beach.
I wish I hadn't started the Internet love.
I wish I had talked to my mother about the Internet love and my feelings.
I wish my parents had had more money for travelling.
I wish I hadn't chosen the same high school as my middle school friends.
I wish I hadn't stopped all of other activities and hobbies because of school.
I wish I had gone to a dermatologist when I started having skin problems.
I wish I hadn't used Benzoyl peroxide for more than a year.
I wish I hadn't used my mother's wrinkle cream on my eyes.
I wish I hadn't worn shoes too small for my feet.
I wish I hadn't deleted all of my blogs and diaries.
I wish I hadn't taken kefoprofen for headaches because it destroyed my stomach.