Extreme sports categories

izvor: http://www.extremesportscompany.com/list-of-extreme-sports.html

Extreme Sports are just not like mainstream sports. Past and present they are crawling with rebels, riders, drivers and rock stars.
It's not about uniforms, coaches or scripts. Expressing yourself through action is the key
It's an attitude, a way of life, even a religion.
Once you're in, you're in for life.

Here is a list of extreme sports:

Skateboarding, Longboarding, Mountain Boarding, Sandboarding, BMX, Motocross, FMX, Aggressive Inline Skating, Mountain Biking, Caving, Slacklining, Absailing, Rock Climbing, Free Climbing, Bouldering, Mountaineering, Parkour, Sand kiting, Zorbing

Surfing, Long/short, Body boarding, Waterskiing, Wakeboarding, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing, Cave diving, Flowboarding, Paddle surfing / Stand up paddle, Kayaking, Cliff Jumping, Coasteering, Scuba Diving, Knee Boarding, White Water Rafting, Skim Boarding, Jet Skiing

Snow and Ice:
Snowboarding, snow skiing, Ice Climbing, Snowmobiling, Snow Kiting

Base Jumping, SkyDiving, Wing Suiting, Bungee Jumping, High-lining, Hang Gliding, Paragliding


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