Herbs of The Third Harvest

Oct. 31- Nov.2: The Third Harvest, Winters Blessing, Halloween, Summers End, Samhain, Hallows Eve, Alla Hegons Dag, All Souls Night, Day of the Dead, All Saints Day, etc. However you associate with the holiday, it is fast upon us. A period of reflection, meditation, communing with our ancestors, and honoring loved ones that have past. It is also a time of celebration and preparation for the winter, and the new years fortunes.

  • Acorn: Death and rebirth, hung in windows for protection, altar decoration.
  • Apple: immortality, fruit of the underworld, divination, rituals of the communication with departed, traditional games such as apple bobbing. Buried or placed outdoors as offering to the spirits. Use apples in place of blood where it is called for in old recipes.
  • Allspice: Magical power
  • Basil: Fire, protection
  • Bay laurel: Protection, especially related to the home, magic power, divination, clairvoyance.
  • Benzoin: Purification, protection, astral projection
  • Broom: Protection, purification
  • Calendula: honoring the dead, place in offerings at graves or sacred places, add to potpourri.
  • Camphor: Divination, psychic awareness
  • Catmint: Protection
  • Cinnamon: Spirituality, psychic awareness, divination, defense
  • Cinquefoil: Divination, purification, protection
  • Copal resin: Spirituality, purification
  • Corn: Crafts, decorations symbolic of the grain harvest and corn dollies symbolizing of the coming birth of winter. Traditional food for celebratory feasts.
  • Dandelion: Divination
  • Dill: Protection from spirits, communication
  • Dittany: Rituals to contact spirits often thrown in ritual fire
  • Elder: Purification, Protection, magic power
  • Elm: Protection, psychic energy
  • Ferns: Protection, strong protection when burned outside, defense
  • Flax: Traditional decoration, protection, psychic awareness
  • Fumitory: Burned for purification, protection, exorcism
  • Hazel: Clairvoyance, divination, defense, contacting spirits
  • Heather: Burned for spirituality, communication with the dead, invitation or welcome to the dead
  • Heliotrope: Burned for purification, protection
  • Mandrake: Burned for protection, divination, astral projection (Toxic, do NOT ingest!)
  • Marigold: Symbol of enduring enduring love, placed in offerings to the dead on graves and in sacred places.
  • Mugwort: Divination, clairvoyance, protection used in ceremonial ritual potions.
  • Mullein: Burned as torches or candles in ritual ceremonies. Serves the purpose of keeping ancestral fire lit to appease the spirits, and as a highly protective herb.
  • Nettle: Protection
  • Nightshade: Divination, astral projection ingredient of old flying potions which induced strong hallucinations when transported through the skin in a carrier of animal fat.  (Toxic, do NOT ingest) Belladonna can kill you, ensure use is administered and monitored by a knowledgeable party with experience in its virtues. Otherwise, use symbolically ONLY.
  • Oak leaves: Burn for purification
  • Parsley: Offering to the deceased, used to divine your death, carried for protection
  • Patchouli: Grounding, used in rituals for safe travel between the veils,defense, letting go
  • Pine needles: Purification, protection
  • Pumpkin: Carve lanterns to keep ancestral fire lit, spiritual and protective. Traditional feast food.
  • Pumpkin seeds: symbolic of harvest, honors hekate, protection
  • Rosemary: remembrance, symbolic of love for those who have passed on. Worn as a token, or burned or placed at grave sights as offering. Protection, cleansing, consecration.
  • Rue: Protection from evil energies or spirits, Dip in water and sprinkle for magical purification
  • Sage: Purification, spirituality, and release of negative energy
  • Sandalwood: Purification, protection, astral projection, offering to the spirits, reincarnation
  • Sweet grass: Burn for purification
  • Terragon: magic power
  • Thistle: Protection
  • Thyme: Purification, protection, divination
  • Turnip: Carve lanterns to keep ancestral fire lit, spiritual and protective.
  • Vervain: Protection, power
  • Wheat: Harvest decorations, traditional foods, cross roads symbol crafts for protection
  • Willow: Protection
  • Wormwood: Protection, evocation, clairvoyance, psychic energy, and communication with spirits often thrown in ritual fire or burned as incense.
  • Yarrow: Divination, protection, psychic defense
  • Yellow cedar: Burned for purification and warding off negative energies


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