Saturday, 20 October 2012


  1. Simple exchange debts
  2. Support or interruption of daily flow
  3. Emotional attachments
  4. Personal power
  5. Expression
  6. The Integrity Debt
  7. The Personal Knowingness Debt 
So have a look at your life, and first identify the people and actions that you feel most compelled to interact with. There is probably karmic debt there, either positive or negative.
Next, see if you can get a sense of what part of your life is being most impacted by those people and actions – Exchange? Risk? Personal power? Integrity? Expression? Internal knowingness? 

Use this list as a guideline to place yourself and any other people in their appropriate power positions. Sort out what feels like the bigger debts from the smaller ones. Let the smaller ones back-burner if you feel the need to work on the bigger ones – but remember that they're not going to go away all by themselves.

This plane is about Action and Reaction, about Cause and Effect. These learning situations you create by using the concept of karmic debts and energy exchange will move you forward on the path of spiritual awareness, if you pay attention.

The nine needs are: Security, Adventure, Freedom, Expansion, Power, Expression, Acceptance, Communion, and Exchange

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